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Hello folks

I am a cinematographer, steadicam operator, and drone pilot based in Bergen, Norway, available for long or short projects both nearby and far afield. I hold a Spesifikk SORA drone operator license (RO3) from the norwegian luftfartstilsynet for aerial filming and photography. 

I straight up love taking photos, filming and editing, and spend much of my free time doing the same. If I won the lottery tomorrow, I'd just spend the rest of my life behind a slightly fancier lens. Adding aerial photography to my toolbox has opened up a whole new perspective without sacrificing image control or quality. My speciality is filming unscripted non fiction, particularly documenting action sports in the mountains or at sea. Quite frankly, the wilder the location the better - in my eyes


Much of my work often includes use of drone, steadicam, gimbals, and underwater housings. 

I speak English, Norwegian, Spanish, German & Swiss German, and have worked in various environments using them all. 

I am well versed in grading and editing in DaVinci Resolve. 

I look forward to hearing how I can assist on your next project. 

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