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In a world where Covid-19 keeps us all socially distanced in our homes, livestreaming of events / presentations / workouts / concerts has become a key way for music fans, work colleagues, and church congregations to come together for a communal viewing experience. 




No excuses for boring content 

With so many events happening live over social platforms during this period of quaranting and social distancing, it is more important than ever to stand out from the keep your audience engaged. 

Modern audiences are used to constant stimulation. Seeing multiple perspectives cut together has been the norm for decades - why should people expect a less professional program in 2020?  





Whether you want to stream live to facebook, youtube, or your own webpage, we are here to help. 

Leave the technical side to us, and concentrate your own energy on what you are going to do or say on camera. 

Having up to 4 camera angles allows our producer to cut between perspectives to show for example a wide view of a whole band, then a closer head and shoulders shot of the singer, then an extreme close up of the guitarist's fingerwork, and perhaps a moving shot of the drummer. 

Our cameras send a HD (1080p) signal to our producer, who switches between angles as desired, and outputs them direct to your chosen social platforms. 

The broadcast can be available to watch again immediately after the presentation or performance has finished, or we can re-edit the material as either an alternative full length piece or a highlights video for other uses. 

For customers presenting e-sports or conferences, we can offer picture-in-picture display where the presenter continues to be visible in the corner of the screen while their own computer screen is visible to the audience to see what they are working on. 


For Q&A situations, we can easily add the possibility for audience questions to be visible to the presenter on a separate screen. 

**COVID-19 restrictions will apply during spring 2020, in accordance with Norwegian government guidelines, which are subject to change. Most importantly this will mean distancing between camera operator and participants, as well as maximum number of people involved. At time of writing this means 4 participants and 1 operator-producer, or 3 participants with a producer and a camera operator. 


Basic package: 4.000kr 

includes: 1 operator, videomixer, 1 laptop, using customer's own cameras and microphones.

Professional package: 16.000kr

includes: 2 HD cameras & tripods, 2 microphones, 1 operator, videomixer, 1 laptop. 

Full package: 23.000kr

includes: 4 HD cameras, 3 microphones, 2 operators, videomixer, 1 laptop.

Prices listed above are for a maximum 1 hour livestream and any preparation and breakdown time required at your venue.

Longer livestreams will be charged at an additional 35% of total cost per extra hour. 


Exact pricing may vary according to additional customer requirements.

Optional extras could include:

camera movement (on sliders, gimbals, or handheld)

professional lighting

use of logos or other graphics

use of drone video as introduction

other pre-recorded additional video

highlights version edited after the livestream. 

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